Christian Fasting For Beginners That Empowers You To Start And Complete Your Fasting!

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The Importance of Christians Fasting For Beginners!

You cannot expect to execute your Christian fasting for beginners incorrectly and see good or biblical results! You must do it right to enjoy great rewards!

This may not mean much for the world but for the Christians how we fast is as important as why we fast!

Last week, I read how a young Christian man had tried fasting but was soon discouraged. He had started his fasting but didn’t finish it.

He reported that during the fast he was weak and near passing out so, he ate food his colleague gave him. However, he wanted to know, what he could do to complete his fasting the next time!

Of course, he received a plethora of suggestions.

But his situation is not new. Many Christians, beginners, and seasoned Believers, sometimes find it difficult to finish their fast!

But, why? Today, this is what I’m going to explore!

The Number One Problem Believers Have With Fasting!

As a New Believer or a novice to Christian fasting, you may have tried fasting several times and failed. What this means is that you ended your duration of abstinence and devotion prematurely.

You break the fast before the designated end of it arrived! Now, you are not alone. Most, if not all of us, were at this point that you are at now.

We ate or drank food and or fluid before the end of the fast respectively! But, why?

I had a similar problem forty or more years ago when I started Christian fasting as a newbie! I would decide to fast and start it.

But a few hours into it, when the pangs of hunger and thirst set in I would eat or drink something. That breaks the fasting!

Many would advise you, not to fast as intensely but fast more frequently instead. Others may say, fast for a shorter duration and so on!

Another group of fasting advisers, inform him to do a water fast instead. But, as a newbie to fasting all these are not solutions but bandages for a sore.


Christian Fasting For Beginners – #1 Reason For Failure!

As Christians, we do not follow the directives of the World concerning any area of our lives and that includes fasting.

Fasting for us means total abstinence; therefore, a Christian Fast is far more difficult to execute. However, one of the main reasons many Believers fail to complete their fast is not having a fully persuaded mind to finish what they started.

The reasons Christians fast are very important. Read more about our motivation to fast here.

For Christians, abstinence fasting bolsters our will. It aids us to develop a strong will. How important is this? Very!

“He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”

Proverbs 25:28

If we have no control over our will we are defenseless! Exposed to the attacks of Satan!

One of the most effective ways to “rule” our spirits is through Christian fasting. I know of no other method to accomplish this!

Therefore, Beginner Christians, if you are not Christian fasting correctly you are not helping yourselves!

How Possessing This Helps New Believers Who Fast!

The single most important factor that positively or negatively impacts your fasting is a persuaded mindset or not respectively!

If you begin a fast, even one for a few hours, and you are not mentally prepared to finish it, you will break it before the end comes.

This is the only preparation you need before any fast. Physical preparations for fasting are myths because they possess no physical or spiritual value!

One of the most important features of any fasting is to commit to starting and completing as determined before you begin!

“The ability to stay on your fast is not dependent upon how hard you try to stay away from food, but by how positive is the attraction of knowing God and spending time with Him.”

Elmer Towns

Christian Fasting For Beginners – Do This!

Christian fasting for beginners doesn’t have to end up as a failure every time they attempt fasting. To succeed at fasting both seasoned and new Believers must be focused.

The more focused you are the more likely you will start and finish your fast. I’m not the only one who thinks this to be true for the Bible agrees with this line of reasoning.

It says:

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

James 1:8

Now, you probably asking, what does this verse have to do with Christian fasting for beginners? To answer that question, I would say everything!

Recall that earlier (above) I told you that to start and finish your Christian fasting you need to focus! A person who is indecisive and uncertain about whether to fast or not will fail at fasting even before he or she starts.

As A Christian See This And You Will Win At Fasting

Before you even begin your fasting you should envision yourself finishing it! Don’t entertain thoughts of failure.

They will cause you to doubt yourself. Instead, see the end. See yourself accomplishing the task at hand.

Think about one thing: you are going to start fasting and finish it as you planned! This requires focus and dedication to the purpose!

In closing, to become proficient at Christian fasting beginners need to learn to execute it according to the Bible and not opinions.

Christian fasting is hard at first but it gets easier with the right perspective and much practice! Happy fasting.

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