About Me

Welcome to my space of reflection and learning. I have been studying the Holy Bible for more than forty years. 

I tell you this because I  desire that you know that I possess vast experience with the Word of God.

I’m not a novice. I have dedicated my life to understanding and teaching the timeless wisdom of the Word of God.

So, my fascination with the Bible began in my youth. I was about thirteen when I started to search the Bible for Godly answers.

It has been a journey that transformed into a lifelong commitment. This book, rich in history, wisdom, and guidance, has been my constant companion. 

Through decades of study, I have sought to uncover its mysteries and share its truths.

As a Bible teacher, my path has been graced with countless opportunities to guide others. From intimate classroom settings to large congregations, I have shared insights and engaged in meaningful discussions that reveal the truth of God’s Word!

I believe in teaching only what the Bible teaches. Yes, the Bible teaches! If you don’t allow it to explicate itself and guide you, you will embrace and share opinions.

The Bible is not a book of stories. Its contents are not stories but real life experiences of those who have gone ahead of us!

My role as a teacher has also led me into various avenues of learning and sharing, including writing articles, hosting discussions, and engaging in community outreach. Each experience has enriched my understanding and appreciation of the Bible’s impact on individual lives and communities.

Here, I aim to share pieces of wisdom, reflections on scripture, and insights into the challenges and joys of a faith-filled life. Whether you are a seasoned reader of the Bible or newly curious about its teachings, I welcome you to join this journey of exploration and discovery.

Thank you for visiting. May the words shared here resonate with you and inspire your own path of spiritual growth.